Spotted Lanternfly Print


Part of the Invasive Series. The Spotted Lanternfly is native to China, but has recently been introduced to the Mid-Atlantic US, where it has become a threat to native trees like maples but also to crops like grapes, apples and peaches. Included in this print are its nymph phases, as well as its principal host plant, the Ailanthus, AKA "Tree of Heaven", which was introduced to the US a century ago and has enabled the Lanternfly to quickly establish a firm foothold in urban areas. Despite its destructive nature, the beauty of this species of leafhopper can't be denied. This print is not only decorative, but is also a handy identification tool for those keen to cull their numbers in affected areas.

13x19 inch giclee print on archival matte white stock. Prints are made when orders are received.

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